In recent years, international trade has been increasingly leaning towards turnkey sales contracts with direct delivery to the final destination. Door-to-door service has thus emerged as a delivery method wherein the freight forwarder takes responsibility for collecting and delivering the goods at agreed-upon points with the final customer.

At Cargostonez, we boast an extensive network of agents worldwide, enabling us to offer a Door-to-Door service (sea, road, air) with maximum confidence and assurance. We streamline the entire operation from origin to destination, serving as your sole point of contact, thereby simplifying cargo tracking throughout the journey. Our All-Inclusive rate, compliant with incoterm DAP (Delivery at Place), is transparently broken down to include the following components:

1. Ground transportation costs at the origin, from the warehouse to Port/Airport
2. Local and cargo handling expenses at the origin, in Port/Airport
3. Customs clearance at origin
4. Maritime/Air Freight and Surcharges
5. Management costs and submission of documentation
6. Customs clearance at destination, excluding customs duties and taxes
7. Local and cargo handling expenses at the destination, in Port/Airport
8. Ground transportation costs at the destination, from Port/Airport to the final customer’s warehouse.

Our operations are backed by our trusted Channel Partners spread across many parts of the world like the Middle East, USA, Europe, Africa, China, Australia, India and CIS countries and also some services of trucking companies. Our Sea Freight division encircles the following services:

  1. Import & Export Services
  2. To Airport, or to Door Services
  3. Consolidation Solutions
  4. Dangerous Goods
  5. Cross Country Solutions
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