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Karachi Port Information

Karachi Port Trust (KPT), located in Karachi, encompasses two distinct wharves: East Wharf and West Wharf. The port features three oil pier berths, 21 general cargo berths, and two container terminals across both wharves.

Oil Pier

Berths #OP-1 to OP-3, which are oil pier berths, are located at the East Wharf. The detailed information for these berths is as follows:

Berth #LOADraftRemarks
OP-1260 M11.88 MOil Pier
OP-2260 M11.88 MOil Pier
OP-3260 M11.88 MOil Pier

Conventional Berths

Berths #1 to #5 and #10 to #17 are conventional berths located at the East Wharf, while berths #6 to #9 are designated for the Pakistan International Container Terminal (PICT).

Below are the details of the berths and the permissible draft at the East Wharf:

Berth #LOADraftRemarks
1515 feet10.70 MCONVENTIONAL
2480 feet10.70 MCONVENTIONAL
3550 feet10.70 MCONVENTIONAL
4480 feet10.50 MCONVENTIONAL
5670 feet10.50 MCONVENTIONAL
10480 feet10.00 MCONVENTIONAL
11550 feet10.00 MCONVENTIONAL
12484 feet10.00 MCONVENTIONAL
13550 feet10.00 MCONVENTIONAL
14480 feet10.00 MCONVENTIONAL
15485 feet10.00 MCONVENTIONAL
16550 feet10.00 MCONVENTIONAL
17500 feet10.00 MCONVENTIONAL

Pakistan International Container Terminal (PICT)

Berth #LOADraftRemarks
6580 feet12.00 MP I C T
7390 feet12.00 MP I C T
8480 feet12.00 MP I C T
9530 feet12.00 MP I C T

Karachi Port Trust

Berths #18 to #25 are conventional berths located at the West Wharf in Karachi, while berths #26 to #30 are allocated to the Karachi International Container Terminal (KICT).

Conventional Berths

The following are the details of the berths and permissible draft at West Wharf:

Berth #LOADraftRemarks
18470 feet8.50 MCONVENTIONAL
19540 feet9.50 MCONVENTIONAL
20540 feet9.50 MCONVENTIONAL
21530 feet9.50 MCONVENTIONAL
22550 feetONLYBARGES
23500 feetONLYBARGES
24550 feet10.00 MCONVENTIONAL
25550 feet10.00 MCONVENTIONAL

Karachi International Container Terminal KICT (West Wharf)

Berth #LOADraftRemarks
26480 feet12.00 MK I C T
27600 feet12.00 MK I C T
28560 feet12.00 MK I C T
29700 feet12.00 MK I C T
30600 feet12.00 MK I C T

New deep water Container Terminal is going to built by M/S. Hutchison Group at Port of Karachi and permissible draft will be 18 Meters.

Port Qasim Authority

Port Qasim is located approximately 50 kilometers from the city. It features eight berths, including three oil pier berths for oil tankers. Berths #1 to #4 are conventional berths, while berths #5 to #7 are allocated to the Qasim International Container Terminal.

A) Oil Pier

Berth #LOADraftRemarks
Marginal Wharf
Conventional Berths
Oil Pier
FotcoOil Pier
ETPL-13Oil Pier

B) Conventional Berths

Berth #LOADraftRemarks
Conventional Berths
Oil Pier
2Oil Pier
3Oil Pier

Qasim International Container Terminal (Qict)

Berth #LOADraftRemarks
5 T0 7600M12MQICT
8 T0 9620M13M


Port Klang Information

Port Klang Authority — Container

Number of berths142034
Length (metres)3,2005,8009,000
Drafts (metres)11 – 1515 – 17.511 -17.5
Annual capacity (mill TEU)5.61419.6
Total Ground Slot (TGS)19,89446,92266,816
Reefer points1,0522,6083,660
Container Freight Station Space (sq. metres)1,007,18819,9741,027,162
Quay Cranes326698
Rubber tyred gantry cranes84185269
Straddle carriers/empty stackers1515
Prime movers189524713
Reach Stackers31114

Jebel Ali Port Information

Number OF Berths3
Number OF Deep-Water Berths3
Depth Alongside17cm Chart Datum
Depth In Approach14.5 — 21m tidal
Local OFF-Dock StorageYes
Number OF Reefer Plugs1686
Container Yard Capacity (TEU)52,974
Terminal Area (Acres)460
Yard Equipment
Number OF Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes3
Number OF Automated Stacking Cranes60
Number OF Reach Stackers2
Number OF Straddle Carriers40
Number OF Quay Cranes12
Quay Cranes With Twin / Tandem / Quad Operations12
Minimum Outreach (Rows)25, All Cranes
Distance From Pier To Spreader Bottom (M)49, All Cranes
Maximum Deck Tier Height That Can Be Worked at11, All Cranes
Safe Working Load Under Spreader (Metric Ton)80T
Year Built2012-2016
Gate / Truck
Total Number OF Lanes30
Turn Time (Min, Avg.)35
Dual Carriageway AccessYes
Distance To M25 (miles)10
On Dock ProvidersDB Cargo & Freightliner
On Dock Rail Capacity30
On Dock Rail Tracks8
On Dock Rail Tracks Length (m)750
Opening Times
Shipside24 Hours Per Day, 7 Days A Week
LandsideGates Open All Hours Except 1800 Saturday – 1800 Sunday
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